Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do What You Need To, to get the job done

This might sound obvious, but how many people just think inside of the box? They are great at doing what needs to be done if everything goes according to plan, but what happens if a process in the funnel gets out of whack?

Standard operating procedures (SOP) are good to have in place. We need consistency in how we run our businesses and how we treat our customers. But each day presents unexpected fires that need to be dealt with. Then, we need to devise a plan so that we won’t have to deal with these same snafus again.

How do we deal with the unexpected? We refer to the SOP, however too many stakeholders in the process can’t wait for any modified solutions to take effect. Who is willing to think outside the realm of the normal procedures so that we can get past this, and make sure it does not happen again?

Be that person! Be the one who is willing to think beyond the norm. What will it take to get past this hindrance so we can move forward with schedules? Think about it. Brainstorm with co-workers. Do it!

Too many people throw their hands up and say, “It can’t be done.” Bull pucky! So much more can be done, if just a few diligent yet creative minds pow wow.  Then it takes someone to implement it. What is best for the situation? What is best for the team? What is best for the process?

Do what you need to do – don’t be defeated.
ü Make a plan.
ü Implement it.
ü Get the job done!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Be Coachable

I coached cheerleading for over 10 years. It was easy to identify the girls who were interested in learning and improving, from the girls who thought they knew it all and didn’t need any help from anyone.  

These divisions are everywhere, our work places, our churches, our groups … all of our circles. Some people think their perspective is the end all. The others, the people who are interested in bettering themselves, the process, the journey and ultimately the story that is woven when all of our lives come together, are the people we should surround ourselves with. 

People who are coachable are worth investing in. They want to better themselves. They understand that life is a never ending journey of assessing, applying and improving – now and continually. Coaching others:
·         helps them
·         helps us
·         helps in the short term and the long term
·         It helps us all to see views from others’ perspectives. 

The people who are willing to listen to someone else’s perspective are valuable, and will be even more valuable after spending time with them. These are the people who understand that their view is limited and taking someone else’s opinions into consideration can make them and the process better. 

Don’t be the know it all. When you limit the importance and wisdom of others, you set yourself and your team up for failure. 

Find a coach, a mentor or someone you respect, someone you can learn from.
·         Show interest. 
·         Ask questions.
·         Apply what you learn.
·         Improve yourself. 

Or be a coach to someone who shows promise.
·         Let them know you care.
·         Take the time to teach.
·         To make them better.
·         To make you better. 

It all matters. It brings us together. It makes us better people and helps us all in our woven story. We all play our part. Whether you're in the office, or cheering for your team, the message is the same. 

Be coachable. Seek out improvement for yourself, the processes you are involved in and for others who want to develop and improve.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Apply What You Know

Apply what you know in all areas of your life where it will help you.
This is my most recent realization. Duh right?

Yesterday I sat in on "Get Hired Fast with LinkedIn Insider Secrets", a webinar by Greig Wells. It was phenomenal, encouraging and it gave me plenty to think about what I needed to do next in my job search. It turns out I knew much of what information he provided, however it hadn’t occurred to me to apply it to my job search. It was a serious DUH moment for me.

I’m in marketing. Optimizing web pages, editing for online content, identifying key words/phrases, focusing on the purpose of the page…. And, being efficient, monitoring/analyzing/improving  processes, and coordinating efforts to bring a project home… It’s what I do whenever I look at anything.  But applying it to my own Linkedin profile did NOT even occur to me. I want to smack myself. I detest being inefficient.

In addition to the obvious techniques that I was not implementing in my life I got to thinking, what else are we missing? What else are we so close to that we just can’t see to help ourselves? What else is there that is just around the corner that will help lift our spirits and encourage the re-fueling of our fires so we can get up that hill, meet our goals, accomplish what we are supposed to, to view the picture from a point of clarity?

For me, I will be making an effort to implement more of the techniques that I address with online marketing to help improve presentation of myself. It makes me wonder, where else can we apply what we know to areas of our lives to be more efficient and effective? What is it that you do professionally, or what do you have an interest in? Are there facets of the way you implement your business life that you can apply to other areas of your life that will enhance it? Think about it. Let me know.